About Us

Professional Learning Board, founded by National Board Certified Teacher, Ellen Paxton, leverages experience in K-12 program and school development, adult learning theory, instructional design models, individualized education strategies, e-learning, professional development planning, training and trends.

The PLB team of experts delivers research-based, relevant, effective, respectful, cost-effective and timely professional development created by teachers, for teachers. In alignment with accomplished teaching practices, PLB constantly assesses and adjusts practices, continually improving products and services. Decisions and changes are driven by listening to, working with and learning from teachers.

Applying expertise in instructional strategies and integrating state-of-the-art learning technology to design educational programs and courses that result in increased knowledge and performance for students and teachers is the essence of PLB’s foundational services.

Professional Learning Board’s curriculum writers are recognized leaders in their respective fields.

All subject matter experts have extensive experience in classroom teaching, closing achievement gaps, professional development and real life application and transfer of material.

A talented technology team weaves this together ensuring accessibility, convenience and ease of use.

Come learn with Professional Learning Board. Every decision we make is with you in mind. It’s our promise.